WLGOLD is an index token of the game. It was created on the Waves blockchain (asset id: 7E26JWe8XYXf4jNxH7CDAdFUjTg5fCTChHoCuZmfUoy1).

The token is designed around the principle of protection against excessive market volatility. This is achieved through the following terms:

  • The token is a liquidity index of the game and is based on the assets of the game's investment fund. The index price of the token is calculated according to the formula:

Token Price = Game Assets / Number of issued tokens

  • The investment fund is generated from the sale of game lands, in-game economy and arbitrage. The investment fund is non-expendable. In this way, a constant and predictable growth of the index price of the token will be achieved.

  • The market price is formed by demand in the WLGOLD/USDT pool at PuzzleSwap.

  • The arbitrage service allows trading directly with a token contract Β±20% of the current index price (see formula). Only users with staked NFT lands and ACRES have access to arbitrage, which gives additional income to land owners on arbitrage of the market price.

  • WLGOLD tokens can be additionally issued and burned as part of the arbitrage.

  • Initial issue: 1 million WLGOLD tokens.

Token allocation:

  • 10% - DAO investors (outright)

  • 10% - market making and pool creation (outright)

  • 10% - marketing (within 1 year)

  • 20% - team (within 3 years)

  • 10% - game activities (within 3 years)

  • 40% - staked lands (within 3 years)

Token's expected value growth chart

The index price of the token is influenced by:

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