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When you first log into the game, you immediately create your company. To start managing your company, select the "Company" from the menu and you will see several tabs:
  • Information. General info about your transactions and the transactions in your shops. Available resources, materials, and products.
  • Lands. A list of your lands with current data and management options.
  • Characters. A list of your characters and control options.
  • History. List of events:
Everything you will do in the game is related to the development of your company. All transactions and income you receive in the game are reflected in the history of your wallet. You can view the full history of transactions and the current balance of your wallet here: https://wavesexplorer.com/

Company name

Company name is initially based on the Waves address of your wallet. It is possible to rename your company, which is a paid service. There are no restrictions on the number of renames. Renaming is available on the company page.