Fly High Tournament

General rules:

  1. Tournament participants compete based on the number of flights in a single duck life.

  2. One life in a tournament equals one attempt.

  3. There is no limit to the number of attempts.

  4. The tournament leaderboard with duck rankings is generated based on the best scores.

  5. You can connect multiple ducks to a tournament.

  6. You can join the tournament at any time. Any participant can win and take the prize.

  7. The tournament takes place over the course of custom days.


  1. When registering a duck in the tournament, you have to pay a fee, and you are given one attempt to participate (further attempts are paid).

  2. Duck loses health (hp) in collisions with obstacles. The damage depends on the type of obstacle. More details about obstacles are described in flights.

  3. The duck has stats that affect abilities, such as damage reduction and dodge chance.

  4. Duck equipment (items worn by the duck) can also affect the duck's abilities i.e. damage reduction and dodge chance.

  5. You can change the duck's equipment only before the attempt is activated.

  6. The duck will not be able to participate in logistics until it finishes the attempt in the tournament

  7. The attempt ends if the duck dies or the player cancels the attempt himself.

  8. If the duck is dead, you can activate an additional attempt for a fee.

  9. Registration for the tournament is valid for one duck. You can use multiple ducks, but you will have to pay registration for each one. To do so, you must unstake your current duck and then stake another duck.

  10. In the leaderboard, you can see what prize the duck is eligible for and how far you need to fly to break someone else's record.

  11. The grand prize is an S-sized land worth $250 USDT.

  12. 50% of the tournament fees collected from participants (including extra attempts) go towards the Prize Fund (in addition to the land).

  13. Distribution of the prize fund among the participants is not based on the place in the leaderboard, but on the best result: rounds (flights).

  14. If two or more winners with the same results remain in the top of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament, the main prize is added to the main prize of the next tournament. Current leaders receive cash prizes according to the distribution rules established in point 12.

Participation requirements:

  1. Connect the Waves wallet.

  2. Stake the duck character.

  3. Register for the tournament and pay a fee for participation on this page

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